The Farm Getaway

Enjoy a break in the countryside, fresh air and personal encounters with our delightful deer and all the other farm beings. Green Dragon Organic Farm and B&BFind out about the Green Dragon and where it lives. Discover the many attractions and spots of beauty in the area.

Stay with us for the night at the low rate of $99. Our comfortable, environmentally-friendly B & B features a guest room renovated with all natural materials, a queen-sized bed, and a private entrance with either a shared or private 4-piece bath. You will be comforted to know that our guest room is a non-smoking facility and pet-free.

Our farmhouse is at least 150 years old, and we have done our best to retain the simplicity and beauty of the original materials in the house by conserving them with old-fashioned care, using natural oils and finishes, all organic. All modern materials we have added for comfort and convenience have been carefully selected to complement the old and maintain the harmony of the house. All materials are non-toxic, and most of the textiles in our guest room are from certified organic origins, which means the cotton was grown and processed without pesticides or other chemicals. The duvets on the beds are of wild silk and are filled with ducks down. The pillows are made with stone ground buckwheat hulls, a natural, healthy choice for your comfort and sleep.

Green Dragon Organic Farm and B&BYou will see evidence of the farmhouse's original structure in the exposed beams and boards. The beams were hewn locally in an up-and-down sawmill just up Matheson Brook, which flows close to this farm. When you examine the boards, you will notice they are far wider and longer than any available today. Closer inspection will reveal the narrow annual growth rings in the wood, testimony to the slow growth and enormous size of trees that once filled these woodlands. Those days are long gone, so don’t miss those 18-inch boards in the kitchen and living room - the dream of every wood lover!

We serve a full breakfast between 7 and 9 am, but with notice the night before, we will accommodate the time best suits you best. We serve mainly our own organic produce. 

And just in case you are wondering, the name Green Dragon came from... a dream. Watch out! He is around! If you wish, you might find him... Dragons bring good luck and a taste of magic!

Our nightly rate is $99 STC, and we offer weekly rates as well. Please, make a reservation here