The taste of 9000 sacred years …

Originating in Mesopotamia Fallow Deer was described in many ancient cultures as early as 7000 BC. They graced the tables of the Egyptian Pharaohs and the Old Testament considered Fallow Deer a kosher animal.

The Greeks and Romans both honored Fallow Deer as sacred game and kept them in specially created groves. They were dedicated to Artemis and Diana, the Goddesses of the Hunt, Fertility and Wildlife. For them the spotted summer skin represented the stars in the night sky and a male yearling was considered as the perfect love gift. Since the time of Charlemagne Fallow Deer were kept in many game parks in Europe. Royalty, knights and noble man gathered to hunt and feast on the royal game.

Feel the magic of the consecrated companions of ancient goddesses. Savour the choice meat of the Kings!

Green Dragon Venison - a great choice!

Green Dragon Venison is for everyone: If you have gourmet taste, if you are on a fat restricted diet or simply health-conscious, allergic to other red meat, or you just enjoy a good piece of meat, then our venison is for you.

If you are unsure how to prepare venison – feel free to ask us.

Green Dragon Venison

  • is delicious and mild tasting, unlike wild game. It comes only from young (15-24 month old) animals.
  • is most tender: the small size of the Fallow Deer results in very short muscle fibers, ensuring a uniquely fine textured meat.
  • has a high nutritional value: it is high in Protein (23%), very low in fat (3,6%) and has even fewer calories than chicken.
  • its remarkably high amount of essential linoleic acid plays an active role in the prevention of heart and circulation diseases.

Venison is recommended by the American Heart Association. Venison is the red meat alternative!

To ensure only highest quality Green Dragon Fallow Deer are raised according to strict biodynamic standards of an independent certification body.

Responsible animal husbandry matters:

  • Our Fallow Deer are naturally bred, they enjoy their natural heard structure, and fawns are not separated for more economic growth.
  • Our Fallow Deer are raised exclusively in their natural habitat; on succulent grasses, sun dried hay, organically grown crops and pure water – and receive the best of care.

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