Why Organic?

Organic Farming

We think that you and your family deserve only the best quality food and a healthy environment; food that is great tasting, healthy, nourishing and grown in an ecological manner.

Organic FarmingMore and more people recognize a link between the increasing incidence of allergies, immune system deficiencies, cancer, and other health problems and the use of pesticides, hormones and pharmaceuticals, necessary in industrial-scale “factory” farming.

The use of sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering in farming presents us with unknown dangers – and runs counter any common sense if nothing else. More and more people want to respect and protect our Eco-system and become aware of animals rights. Appropriate housing and handling, access to pasture, appropriate feed and water supply and right health care only ensure a healthy animal. Conventional practices such as feeding rendered animal products as a protein supplement to cattle, sheep and other herbivores (vegetarians) have been associated with outbreaks of “Mad Cow” and “Chronic Wasting” disease.

The only food production system, which renounces industrial farming practices, is organic farming (organic food is the fastest growing sector of U.S. and Canadian agriculture).

We use only organic soil amendments! The use of chemosynthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals is strictly prohibited.

Organic feed and ethical treatment of livestock results in tasty, healthy and risk-free meat.



Because we care.