Farm Fresh Produce

Salad Greens and Vegetables - fresh and truly green!

Salad Greens are already available in late March and still available as late as December. Our garden offers fresh organic vegetables from A like Asian Greens to Z like Zucchini - depending on the season and the sun! We grow over 50 different kinds of vegetables.

Check our weekly Veggie Box! For the gourmet in every one of us!

Green Dragon Venison – a great choice

Most tender and delicious, leaner than chicken and of extraordinary nutritional value, the red meat alternative! To our knowledge, we are the only venison producer worldwide raising venison strictly to biodynamic standards.

We offer a large selection of cuts, ground, smoked venison, sausages and cold cuts. Deer Hides are available!

Goat meat – delicious and unique!

Known to many cultures as a delicacy. Please inquire about cuts and availability.


Shiitake Mushrooms, Japanese for “Mushroom that grows on oak”

Grown the traditional way on hardwood logs. Outstanding taste and quality! Shiitake Mushrooms are recognized for their tremendous benefits to health: they actively lower cholesterol, supports the immune system, and carry antitumor and antiviral compounds. Fresh Mushrooms are available from May to October! A cap of the elixir of life!

All our products reflect our approach to helping develop domestic Fair Trade principles.